Topic 1, Lesson 2, Activity 4: Code of Conduct



Group C's Restaurant will maintain a certain policy to guide its employees with respect to expected standards of conduct and ethic. The purpose of this Policy is to establish, a commitment to providing the highest standards of service required for our customers.


An employee's actions under this Policy are significant indications of the individual's judgement and capability. For that reason, s/he’s actions constitute an important element in the assessment of the employee’s position and promotion. Correspondingly, insensitivity to or disregard of the principles of this Policy will be grounds for appropriate management disciplinary action.






Le Petit Coin de la Loi Familiale - Family restaurant



Code of Conduct and Ethics


At Le Petit, our every day promise and founding truths are based on offering a cordial and affable service, product quality and food safety.




At Le Petit, every employee shall ensure that the best service is available for our customers and providers. The quality in the final service and product must be assured in every link of the chain.


The excellence in the service is one paramount standard that all people related with Le Petit business should pursuit.





Quality guides our philosophy of doing business and that is why our service and food is recognized and distinguished. This is one of our founding truths. 


Our goal is to put a Le Petit on the first people’s option in our city and region; we must exceed our customers' expectations every day in every one of our meals by providing the highest quality products and service and providing a kind environment (clean, attractive and comfortable).


We continually monitor and assess our products and services, and work hard to improve them and help to other to follow the same initiatives.  We expect all our employees to assist in this ongoing process by reporting anything which might compromise our quality as well as proposing continue improvements.



Food Safety


At Le Petit, we are proud of establish that Food safety is the primary responsibility, and nothing, including cost and service hours, are allowed to interfere with this paramount responsibility.


Le Petit has developed a strict food handling, preparation and testing procedures that they should be followed without exception for everyone.