JRSB205  - Spring 2010

Group C

Plan of action



The members agree to pursuit several objectives in the development of the assignment and activities. The first objective is to develop the works learning and acquiring knowledge related with the subject of course. These works should be developed working in the group, encouraging and allowing the participation of other members.  

The course should be developed in a short period of time. This constraint begs the objectives of organization and efficiency in the works to be developed.


Roles and procedures:

The team agrees to be adaptive to the requirements of each activity in the procedure to develop. The team will start working by email, but according to the timing and other different boundary conditions, other communicative tools will be used (e.g.: telephone, conference call, meeting). 

The team will define a leader for each activity. This leader will change every two weeks or according to the amount of work to be developed.

The team leader will be the responsible in organizing the assigned activity including the deadlines to accomplish with the objectives of the assignment. S/he will promote the discussion and participation of each member. The leader will draft the activity based on these discussion and will share with the team for comments, feedback and more discussions that they will strongly oriented to the improvement of the activity. The leader will compose the following draft according with the feedback; according to each particular case, this sequence could continue for new feedback, discussion, etc. In case of not agreement, the position with more supporters will be presented. In case of tie, the leader defines the situation. Finally, the leader will be the responsible for deliver the activity in time, fashion, quality and content.

Each assignment will include who participated in the group activities as it is only fair that the ones who did contribute get credit for the group work.


Deadlines and start up

Due to the strong timing constraint for the course, a high organization in deadline should be implemented. The team propose that each member and team leader they shall send all ideas to the Group C discussion board by the end of each evening and in the morning the Team leader will proof and revise and send all Activities back to the Group for next revision and discussion; this will allow enough time for all Activities to be done and allow us some time to study for midterms as well as finish other activities so that there is no falling behind.
As example for the first activity, since Lesson 1 Activities 1 to 3 is due on Sunday May 9, 2010. Activity 1 should be handed in by no later than May 5, Activity 2 no later than May 6, and Activity 3 no later than May 7; on May 8 will be the day that we all revise and check the assignments. Every morning the Team Leader will send a revised, or notification that there are not changes, outline of each activity to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Sunday May 9 afternoon by 1pm will be the time that team hand in all activities.
The first two week Michelle will lead the team.