JRSB205 (summer 2010)

Topic 3, Lesson 2, Activity 1: News Stand

Group E



Find and quickly summarize a news article describing Ulysse’s claim.


The Montreal Gazette newspaper publisher made a mistake on Sunday, August 13, 2006 edition publishing wrong 6/49 Loto-Quebec winner numbers of the day before draw. The mistake was acknowledge on Monday and disclaimed on Tuesday, August 15, 2006. Due to previous mistakes (seven in 20 years) and readers concerns, The Gazette reminded people that they must check their tickets with a Loto merchant to be sure (Allnutt, 2006).

According to Ulysse Maillet, based on The Gazette publication page 2, he believed, during four or five hours, he held the winner ticket (around $10M for a share of $42M).

Mr. Maillet argued he believed the published numbers by The Gazette were official. There was no disclaimer at the bottom of the page 2 telling readers to officially check their numbers with the lottery. In addition, the situation produces him and his family a strong upset increased by the heard conditions that Mr. Maillet suffered and the family’s concern for his health. Also, he argues embarrassing situation face on neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc (Rakobowchuk, 2006).

Mr. Maillet’s representatives started a negotiation with The Gazette lawyers seeing “a fair settlement” for compensation due to the devastation Mr. Maillet said he suffered.

The Gazette said was not ready to admit an error had been made. When The Gazette makes an error, it is corrected and usually ends the correction with a statement of regret. In this case The Gazette directs that regret to Mr. Maillet and offer him its sincere apologies (Allnutt, 2006).



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