1.       Jessica may have made a halo error.  When she walked into the second interview everything was clean and very presentable and that is very appealing to a possible employee.  But she doesnít know what the employees are like to work with, they could be horrible.  When she went to the first interview although it would suck to be interviewed in a storage closet, she may not have been told the reason for this or even taken that into consideration.  Maybe they are renovating, or moving or simply donít have an extra office suitable for an interview.  But this office could be the most wonderful working environment.

2.       Dr. Wezne could be stereotyping as well as making a halo error.  By wanting to hire Jessica solely based on her great transcript he is assuming that she will be a very knowledgeable and hard worker, this would be a halo error.  Without actually meeting her he cannot for sure say that she would be the right candidate for the office.   At the same time he is stereotyping against other very qualified applicants.  There may have been other people who applied for the job and although they may have had lower marks they may have been a better fit, maybe they had better people skills for interacting with the clients, which would be of the utmost importance.

3.       Anna is projecting, she is saying that the only reason that she didnít get the job is because she had to wear a 5 year old suite while Jessica had a new one.  She is projecting the fact that she may not have been an acceptable candidate for the position based on things other than her suite, she is defending herself.

4.       The person on the other end of the phone is stereotyping and projecting.  Instead of thinking that Ana didnít get the job because of her qualifications they are finding another reason and blaming Jessica for Ana not getting the job, therefore projecting.  The stereotype is that where Dr. Wenze and Jessica come from only hire people from that country, it is a stereotype against that race of people.

5.       Jessica made a halo error, she made her decision to take the position with Dr. Wenze based on how the office looked and she made the assumption that the office would be run an immaculately as the office was designed.




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