Scenario 1:

Strategy: if timing is a concern, forcing. Compromising and problem solving in other case.

Reason: if they can not reach an agreement and the project could be delayed because of that, someone should decide how to continue.

In case that timing is not a problem, the most sustainable and solid agreement comes from a win-win solution. Compromising and problem solving strategy help with that for this conflict. But both parties should agree in this consensus process.


Scenario 2:

Strategy: avoiding and/or yielding

Reason: if the decision has not impact in my department and I can not see any problem for other department of the company, avoiding and/or yielding strategies could work perfectly for many reasons (future inverse interest, motivation and commitment from the engineering department, etc).


Scenario 3:

Strategy: Compromising and problem solving in other case.

Reason: to give up less relevant issue trying to get more for the most relevant ones looks to be the better solution to this conflict. Thus, the better strategies are compromising and problem solving.


Scenario 4:

Strategy: I can not choose only one strategy. I will start with forcing (base on the most risky situation for my company), followed by Compromising strategies.

Reason: I will start forcing the company that is pushing for contractor A because it is only one company going for this contractor and they donít have any chance. Once that we remain four companies for Contractor C against two companies for contractor B, we will be in a better position to move to a compromising strategy that it could balance the outcomes from the six companies.


Scenario 5:

Strategy: Problem solving and compromising.

Reason: because there is not timing concern for taking any decision, the agreement looks key for both parties, and people could lose interest and concentration (put in danger the commitment of the agreements and its future validation and execution), I would start setting the problem and that each party tries to show to the other party its own concern as well as be open trying to understand the other party concerns. So, this represents the first stages in the problem solving and compromising strategies.



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