Sophisticated lawyer client characteristics:


Someone who:

1.            is confident;

2.            is knowledgeable;

3.            is up-to-date;

4.            knows when to represent oneself;

5.            knows when to consult a lawyer;

6.            knows what type of lawyer they should hire;

7.            knows where and how to find a lawyer;

8.            knows when to hire a lawyer;

9.            knows how much a lawyer will cost;

10.        knows what to do if s/he is dissatisfied with the conduct of her/his lawyer;

11.        knows how to protect oneself;

12.        knows how to reduce risks;

13.        knows about ethic behaviour for both lawyer and client;

14.        understands the role of the client;

15.        understands the role of the lawyer;

16.        understands at high level how the law system works;

17.        understands that the sophisticated client in an ongoing process;

18.        can make informed decisions after collecting research, information, data and use general decision making; and

19.        protects oneself.

20.     - knows the lawyer's role in the situation

21.     - has personal expectations about the lawyer, and if those expectations are not met, the sophisticated client knows how to professionally confront the lawyer



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