Today, the economy is very competitive, globally competitive. The companies need to be efficient and guarantee their existence and profitability in the future. As a result, the companies need to be sure that they hire the correct person for each position. On other hand, the job market is very demanding for workers. Undoubtedly, the requirements for each position are widespread in knowledge and precise in experience. These two trends for workers and companies have some divergent points. Thus, these divergent points make that traditional tools appear insufficient and obsolete. Finally, the companies and workers are looking for the better positions, companies, workers, experiences, etc, and this means that the traditional tools could be a limitation.

The job market takes the advantage of these tools offering specific applications, searching engines, etc. These tools are very useful for both sides, and they help linking companies and workers. In opposition, these tools are not an absolute tool on which to make a decision. The information should be checked, expanded, explained, detailed, etc. through meetings and interviews, but it represents a useful starting point.

Specific websites facilitate the relationship between the parts. The job position requirements define which tools or website could better reach the objectives. LinkedIn, Workopolis, Monsters, and company web sites appear to be the first point of contact; then, pretending to know more about a company and/or workers, the social networks (myspace, facebook, google, yahoo, etc). So, companies and workers could find different level of information in specific websites.

Many company recruiters are present in the more important websites for taking contact with potential workers. These recruiters utilize and evaluate the information in the websites as starting point. Surely, the companies will not hire anyone based only on this data, and interviews always are necessary for both companies and workers. Nowadays, the companies and workers use more these tools, they allow to save time, money and do focus in specific subjects and solutions. As conclusion, e-tools are an extremely useful tool, but not an absolute solution.



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