ENMAX - Environmental Commitment and Responsibility Program

I am a customer of ENMAX.

ENMAX Corporation publishes every two years the report called the Environmental Commitment and Responsibility (ECR) program, under the auspices of the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA).  The ECR program is a public commitment by member utilities to continually reduce their impact on the environment. Last report was issued in 2006: http://www.enmax.com/NR/rdonlyres/D871E368-C347-4A3F-BC1F-871A0345CB0D/0/ENMAX_CR2006.pdf


The report does not include the sections "Transmittal document" and "Preface". The report does not clarify to whom and why it is issued. The report does not include the scope and purpose.

The report does not include the sections “Executive Summary” and “Introduction”. The condensed version of the report is not provided, which discourages the reading because of the 15 pages of the report.  The report has a section called "Looking back at 2006". This section appears to be a background information section, but really it contains all sections together: transmittal document, preface, executive summary, introduction and some, but not all, background information. This section, background information, confuses the reader because of the mix and variety of information. Then, in the Operational Overview section continue the background description.

The report contain has a lack of clarity and objectivity. The report is ambiguous (e.g.:  the incorrect parallelism in "ENMAX Energy Corporation provides electricity, natural gas and renewable energy products ….."), it has lack of information (e.g.: it speaks about renewable sources of energy but does not speak about the simple cycle gas turbines that ENMAX owns)  and does not take into consideration important issues (e.g.: when the report shows issues related with efficiency, it does not speak of the inefficiency in transmission and distribution lines and how ENMAX will improve this efficiency).

Figures: the report has many figures, but they are distractive because they are used as decoration; the figures do not add information or help with the understanding.

The report does not include the sections "Recommendation" and "Conclusion". The report does not provide any conclusion about the content. We don't know which actions will be taken to overcome the weaknesses and the non-conformances reported by the Environment Management System (EMS). We don't know what actions will be followed to revert the increase of liquid spill over the years, or why in 2005 was withdrawn a small amount of equipment using PCB. In the same course, many issues could be identified through the report that they merit clarification, supervision and outcome of actions.

The report does not include the section references. The report is issued to the general public. References about compositions, boundary limits, thresholds and more are necessaries.


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