Forcing. Imposing one’s will on the other party. I can see the sentence “failure is not an option” more related with a motivation than a forcing idea. Who can force that failure is not possible under Apollo 13 situation. Who could force in any risky situation that failure is not an option? Definitively it is not a forcing statement, but it is very interesting statement for a motivation perspective.

One forcing situation comes from John, who ideas were imposed in the middle of the disordered discussion. Once Gene set the goal, the team came up with an unusual behaviour showing the stressful, particular and uncommon situation that they should confront. In the middle of the chaos, John comes with an idea; Gene reinforces it and aligns the team behind this idea forcing it.


Problem solving. Trying to reach an agreement that satisfies both one’s own the other party’s aspirations as much as possible.

Adopting the framework of the potential solution (reducing electric charges), more details analysis is necessary to figure out the consequences of each device that they could turn off. The statement of the problem is clear: at the current level of energy consumption there is not possibility of returning back the astronauts for the lack of energy. The other extreme is to turn off all device … but also there is not possibility of returning back the astronauts for the lack of control of the capsule, maintain active the survival equipment, etc. The agreed framework varies in between these options. In the middle, they can find the optimal solution preserving the enough energy for returning back the astronauts maintaining active the minimal equipment.

So, they should quickly work and agree which is the middle point for solving the problem.


Avoiding. Ignoring or minimizing the importance of the issues creating the conflict.

The subjects around the capsule and the astronauts look like a problem, not a conflict. We can not apply any of the techniques for solving conflict for helping the astronauts to come back. The conflict is around the team and how they proceed looking for the solution to the problem.

Then, Gene avoids technical comments/concerns about potential problems generated by the decision. The comment generates conflicts because could attempt to the proposed solution. Gene avoids the conflict ignoring or minimizing the importance of this discussion.


Yielding. Accepting and incorporating the will of the other party.

Gene accepts some advice/comments on the power down solution; then, he asks for a detailed analysis of the possibilities and consequences. Gene has accepted and incorporated comments and ideas of the other party of the conflict.


Compromising. Balancing concern for oneself with concern for the other party in order to reach a solution.

Gene agreed with the solution but also accept the concerns from other people. As result, he asked to review some details related with the solution. He aligns everyone and avoid conflict in balancing concerns, potential solutions, etc. of each party.



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