The Great Global Warming Swindle

            Global warming becomes a big subject of concern for the modern worldwide society, but not always what the people and the medias say is really true. Global warming is, in fact, only a Climate Change theory, and there are several theories about climate change, such as Global Cooling, The Maunder Minimum, The Sun Spots and others. In spite of not being very known and promoted, these three last theories appear more exact based on the acquired atmospheric data. Thousands of scientific, media and government employees have transformed the simple Global Warming theory into a big business. This business becomes dangerous because it handles the opinion and change the thought of million of people with premeditated untruth, treating of not responsive and dangerous the people who don’t agree with this theory. Al Gore’s emotional and science-fiction movie helped strongly to create a wrong idea of the problem as well as the full of mistakes Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) reports. The 2007 Nobel Prize for both IPCC and Al Gore was the crowning for this business.

             Diverse Climate Change theories have more reliable outcomes than the Global Warming theory. Climate change is an issue that takes the attention of the scientists since long time ago and they have been developing diverse theories about the climate change. As all theories that are used to describe a physical behaviour, they have deviations, errors and uncertainties, and the scientists have been working for long time to eradicate or decrease the impact in their outcomes. The outcomes of each theory and their relationship with the observable data, give a good indication about which theory is more accurate in represents the physical phenomenal. Today, theories as Sun Spot or Maunder Minimum have a more exact relationship with the data and the measures gathered in the atmosphere and the land by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), European Space Agency (ESA) and a lot of Universities around the world. The Global Warming theory is simply other theory, and it is not even the most reliable.

             The Global Warming comes like a religion but with sect behaviour. Thousands and thousands of people are occupied with promoives worry about the climate change and the relationship with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission, especially carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. All world governments have ministries dedicated to this subject. People can hear on the radio, to read in newspapers and to see on TV that thousands and thousands of hours are dedicated to this supposed problem. It became one of the most important industries in the world and with an incredible job capacity creation; it has the enviable capacity to generate jobs, and problems, by itself. This entire crowd has an extreme behaviour, proposing radical, incoherent and impractical actions. Most people, journalists, politicians and scientists speak about what they heard on the radio or saw on TV, but really they don't have the enough knowledge to give a balanced, right and fair opinion. This superficial and guided behaviour makes that today, it is politically incorrect not to be careful about the Climate Change and exclusively don't support the Global Warming theory. These radical behaviours and thoughts carry not to accept who could think different and see the problem since other point of view. The people who disagree with this theory and the manner to carry the problem are considered dangerous and come heretics in this modern religion called Global Warming.

             Al Gore’s film looks like a classic Hollywood science-fiction film. The author plays at the limit of those subjects that the scientists have under discussion, and he guides false outcomes that they remark the relationship between the climate change and GHG emission. With others subjects, he goes to unexpected limits, saying, and knowing that he is doing it, big falsehoods. In the United Kingdom (UK), a group of people felt affected by the Al Gore’s film did a judgement and finally the judge found at least nine premeditated falsehoods in the movie. Also, Al Gore doesn't explain that in the its history, the earth had several and long periods with a lot more or much less CO2 concentration in the atmosphere that today, without being a catastrophe for the life and the planet. The most emotional lie is about the polar bears: Al Gore says that the polar bears died after they had not found water and ice where to live and hunt, but it was proven by National Geographic’s videos that the polar bears died after they were lost because a wind and snow storm. Without a doubt, Al Gore reaches to capture the attention of the people as science-fiction movie, but the people don’t separate the movie message and the reality, and the damage is done.

             The IPCC reports are political conclusions, not technical conclusions, as it is the essence of the IPCC. The IPCC was created under Margaret Thatcher’s United Nation (UN) demand during the early eighties. The UK had several energy problems at that time, and Thatcher's government confronted the miners' strike that affected the Power Electricity generation, based on Coal Plants. The Nuclear Power electricity generation wasn’t getting good press but its GHG emission is negligible compared to the traditional Power generation. In this way, Thatcher's government supported the IPCC creation and gave them a lot of money to find the link between the incipient Climate Change problem and the CO2 emission; the next step would be to support the Nuclear Power plant for electricity generation in the UK . The first IPCC goal was to change the thought of the people about Nuclear Power electricity generation, but the situation lost control when in 1989 the Berlin Wall fell down and the IPCC goal was taken as ideology against the first world. The GHG emission, and mainly CO2 emission, is related with industrial activity, and in turn related with Occident. This radical crowd, who was lost their way with the Berlin Wall fall, took as new flag against occident the environmental problems and they found in the IPCC their weapon to fight. Today, the IPCC's reports are full of premeditated errors and the 2500 top scientists that UN says belong to the writing and researching groups, is false. Also a lot of scientific don't agree with the conclusion and they are in this top list. The IPCC was born as political instrument and it continues working under its creation essence.

             The 2007 Nobel Prize was other great play. To honor to Al Gore and IPCC with the 2007 Novel Price escapes to all logic and confirms the fact that all this movement it is only a political movement, with purposes strictly political. What is the Al Gore and IPCC contribution to world peace? Nothing, nothing to do with the peace, nothing to do with the New World order, nothing to do with abusing power and nothing to do with getting global control. Only people and institutions are generating work, distinctions and business for and by themselves.

             The Global Warming theory and their supporters went too far. It is known that the actual global economic system periodically needs an incentive to introduce new business opportunities. The “just to it” producing method and “ISO 9000” quality certification in the eighties and the “Y2k” computer problem in the nineties show that around even 10 years appears a new theory to introduce the noise that the global business needs to look forward the global economy. The Global Warming theory is quickly modifying not only the business on the world, also the thought of the people with radical and intolerant behaviour, and erroneous predictions. The damage, without any doubt, is already done.


Last actualisation: 17/02/08